Tibetan Temple, Perak

The Enlightened Heart Medicine Buddha Bhaishaya Guru Pagoda, to give its full name is a short trip out of Ipoh. It is much less crowded than the cave temples everyone visits around Ipoh and is therefore a relaxing place to wander around ~ even if there isn’t that much to do. Behind the pagoda is […]

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Kuala Lumpur in Black & White

Yesterday, Saturday, I had nothing planned and it was a cloudy and cooler day so perfect to head out and wander around with my camera. As there was no warm light illuminating any subjects I decided I would shoot in black & white for the day. This idea was also inspired by a recent article […]

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Cusco: The Tourist Ticket

Anyone going to Cusco is more than likely going to buy the boleto turistico (tourist ticket) for the surrounding Inca sites. If you are travelling on a budget like me, this ticket may seem like a bit of a rip-off (which it is) but it is still totally worth it. Some of the sights are […]

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